Kingscliff Public School Upgrades

With growing enrolment numbers and an evolving curriculum, the existing multipurpose hall, canteen facilities and out of school hours facilities at Kingscliff Public School are being upgraded to keep up with increasing requirements and to provide the school with the flexibility they require to function effectively into the future. Located in the centre of campus, the proposed hall and canteen expansion improves the links to classrooms and key outdoor learning and play areas, with an expansive panel lift door to the covered outdoor gathering space and a covered colonnade facing the school’s main playground. Previously cluttered circulation patterns have been reconsidered to ensure smooth operation during high traffic events, sports days, assemblies and the like. Upgrades to ventilation and lighting systems combined with improved natural lighting and passive air movement will make for a more comfortable collective experience, while the new state of the art canteen affords the opportunity to provide a safer, healthier and expanded range of food options for the students and teachers alike.

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